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Russian plane to join Cochin University of Science and Technology climate tests

Published Aug 30, 2016, 1:26 am IST
Updated Aug 30, 2016, 7:24 am IST
M-55 Geophysica aircraft
 M-55 Geophysica aircraft

KOCHI: As part of the StratoClim project in which scientists from 26 European research institutes are participating, the Cochin University of Science and Technology (Cusat) Stratosphere & Troposphere (S &T) Radar Centre, also known as the Advanced Centre for Atmospheric Radar Research (ACARR) will organise a series of climate expeditions using M-55 Geophysica, a Russian high altitude aircraft. The aircraft reaches altitudes of up to 21 km and has a flight duration of up to 5 hours.

The project intended to collect stratospheric data was expected to create a dynamic model of the atmosphere which would enable scientists to predict climate changes for decades to come, said Prof. K. Mohan Kumar, Director, CUSAT S&T Radar Centre. The aircraft experiments are part of the European research project StratoClim. StratoClim produces more reliable projections of climate change and stratospheric ozone by a better understanding and improved representation of key processes in the Upper Troposphere and Stratosphere (UTS).

This is achieved by an integrated approach bridging observations from dedicated field activities, process modelling on all scales, and global modelling with chemistry climate models (CCMs) and earth system models (ESMs).  “The M-55 Geophysica has the most modern instruments to find answers regarding various intriguing questions on the Asian Monsoon,” Prof Mohan Kumar said. Prof Mohan Kumar also said that the S &T Radar Centre was co-operating with the StratoClim project as part of an agreement between the Indian and French Governments. The M-55 Geophysica aircraft will arrive here for experiments during the next monsoon, said Mohan Kumar.

NAAC peer team begins cusat visit

The visit of the NAAC peer team for giving accreditation began  at Cochin University of Science and Technology on Monday.   The team led by its Chairman Dr. Subbanna  Ayyappan was received at CUSAT by Dr. J. Letha, Vice Chancellor, Dr. K. Paulose Jacob, Pro-Vice Chancellor and Dr. S. David Peter, Registrar at the Administrative Office.   The visit of the team at various campuses of the university and the interaction  with various stakeholders will conclude on Thursday. 


Location: India, Kerala


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