Survey: Violation of LGBT rights a norm

Victims cannot even use public toilets

KOZHIKODE: The Malabar Cultural Forum, an agency based in Kozhikode that stands for protecting the rights of sexual minorities, conducted a survey on the estimated number of LGBT groups in the Malabar region. The survey found that Kozhikode had a total of 1675 LGBT people in which 450 were gays, 850 bisexuals and 375 transgenders.

The survey also stated that they did not have a record of the number of lesbians, because no persons representing the lesbian community in Kozhikode had registered their names so far. Malappuram comes behind Kozhikode with 1350. Bisexuals are high here, 700; 370 gays and 280 transgenders. In the case of Wayanad, the LGBT population is comparatively low.

There are only 285 registered people in which 125 are gay, 120 bisexuals and 40 trangenders. “Most of the people do not reveal their sexuality either to their family or to society”, said Naser P.K, Project Director of the Malabar Cultural Forum. They are scared of social existence and acceptance. Divorce cases are high among bisexuals but they admit that have separated because of family or adjustment problems. A majority of persons do not reveal that their sexuality causes issues in their family life”, he added.

These people face questions of existence in their daily life, they are even confused when using public toilets. The LGBT community faces fundamental rights violation every now and then. “Choosing our sex is the fundamental right of an individual but it is being violated in cases of persons from the third gender,” adds Naser.

Different agencies operate in each district of Kerala for the welfare of the LGBT community. They conduct awareness programs, medical checkups, vocational training, counseling and open meetings to share their problems twice a month.

Sheethal Shyam, a transgender from Kannur says that Kerala is not safe for them. “We do not even have the freedom to walk during day time, every moment we are scared that either we will be sexually abused or receive offensive glances.”

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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