Ramana Deekshitulu censures TTD again

ANANTAPUR: TTD honourary priest Ramana Deekshithulu once again levelled allegations against the temple trust on Sunday by saying that the authorities were violating Agama Sastra rules. The authorities while performing rituals at the shrine. He observed that the TTD authorities were giving top priority to the rich devotees and in service of VIPs and they have no respect for traditions or practices as laid down by agamas -- the Vedic scriptures defining traditions and rituals in the world's richest temple.

Taking to the microblogging site Twitter, Deekshitulu said the Agama Sastra systems were badly violated at Tirumala due to the independent decisions of the temple authorities.

“Such worse conditions are seen only in AP,” he lamented.

Deekshithulu has been critical of the TTD for not upholding the ethos and sanctity of the famed Tirumala shrine for the past few years.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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