DC IMPACT: Hyderabad cops rebuild nala wall to stop dumping waste

Two vehicles from police department to collect horse dung daily

HYDERABAD: In a swift reaction, the mounted police unit of the city police rebuilt the knocked down portion of a retaining wall of a deep Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) nala just behind the stables where most of the horses are kept in the Goshamahal police complex. Senior officials of the unit also held a series of meetings on Friday on the happenings with the horses following two reports, ‘Police horses unreliable in public’ and ‘Horse droppings, hay dumped into Goshamahal nala’ - published in these columns on January 28.

Joining the officials from the City Armed Reserve were officials from the GHMC on Friday who inspected the premises, and made arrangements for the transportation and picking up of the horse manure to stop its dumping into the nala, as had been the practice for a long time.

Henceforth, two vehicles from the police department will collect the horse manure every day and take it to the nearest GHMC garbage collection point, it was decided at the meeting.

After the meeting with the senior officials, the officials in-charge of the stables and the horses, reportedly went through the call records of all the staff in the mounted police unit to find out who, if any from the unit, had leaked the information to Deccan Chronicle, and then warned all the staff not to speak to the media henceforth.

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