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Cyberabad police foil bid to kidnap doctor for ransom

Published Oct 29, 2020, 1:04 am IST
Updated Oct 29, 2020, 9:19 am IST
police arrested seven men, seized three cars, seven phones, toy pistols, ropes, tapes and burqas
Dr Behjath Hussain from Kismatpur village, who is a dentist, was kidnapped by his wife's relatives.
 Dr Behjath Hussain from Kismatpur village, who is a dentist, was kidnapped by his wife's relatives.

Hyderabad: The meticulously planned kidnapping of a doctor from the city was foiled by Cyberabad police, who tracked and rescued him from Anantapur with the help of local police and the border forces of neighbouring states.

A relative of the 56-year-old doctor was the brains behind the abduction, demanding a ransom of Rs 10 crore from the family.


According to the police commissioner of Cyberababd, V. C. Sajjanar, Dr. Behjath Hussain, a dental specialist from Kismatpur village, was kidnapped by his wife’s relative, Mustafa, who formed two teams to carry out the abduction. “He had gathered people from different states to kidnap and send the doctor off to Karnataka via an ‘escort team,’ which was supposed to hold him there until the family paid up the demanded ransom,” said the official, adding that the prime accused is still at large, though they arrested his posse.


The Cyberabad police arrested seven men, seized three cars, seven phones, toy pistols, ropes, tapes and burqas used in the commission of the offence.

Explaining the case, officials said that the prime accused had incurred loss in his business while he was in Australia and is currently into real estate business in Pune and Hyderabad. “He partnered up with his former business partner, Mubashir Ahmed, alias Khaled, with whom he hatched the kidnap plan after gaining knowledge about the victim’s financial status.

In order to execute their plan, they joined hands with Ganesh in Pune and through him, met Sumit Chandrakanth Bhosale, Akshay Balu Vairekar and Vicky Datta Shinde. They also approached Imran and his brother Irfan from Kukatpally and offered them a cut. The duo formed two separate teams for the execution of their plan, one for abduction of the victim and handing him over to the second ‘escort team,’ headed by Puneet of Udupi, Karnataka. The latter team consisted of Sanjay, Siri and Prithvi, also locals of Udupi,” said the official.


The gang gained entry into the clinic in Bandlaguda when the victim and his technician were present there on Tuesday afternoon. Sumit, Akshay, Vicky and Salman, clad in burqas, pushed the victim and his technician aside and injured them with toy pistols. They tied and locked the technician inside the washroom and left the place with the victim in his car and took him to Yellamma banda in Kukatpally, where they kept him till late night and sent a voice message to the family members demanding the ransom. The gang was caught while they were en route to Karnataka.


“We deployed as many as 12 teams across the state and within hours of the incident, they worked out clues and started tracking the car. The accused gang from Falaknuma, Red Hills and Kukatpally were also arrested, along with the one in Anantapur, from where the victim was rescued, added the police.

Timeline of incident


Between 1:15 pm - 1:30 pm - Victim was kidnapped from the clinic

2 pm - Gang reached Kukatpally in the victim's car and waited for the escort team

10 pm - Escort team arrived in the city

Around 11 pm - Team left for Karnataka with the victim in a different car



Between 6-7 am - Team reached Anantapur and were caught during vehicle checking

Around 7:30 am - Cyberabad police team reached Anantapur, administered first aid to the victim and provided him with food

Around noon - Team headed back to Hyderabad

4 pm - Doctor was brought back to the city

Location: India, Telangana, Hyderabad