Reservoirs in Krishna basin receiving heavy inflows

Ananthapur: In view of the heavy rainfall, reservoirs under Krishna basin were receiving heavy inflows and discharging floodwaters after the water level touched the full reservoir levels (FRLs).

Seven radial crest gates of Srisailam dam were lifted to discharge 1.42 lakh cusecs as outflows when floodwaters filled the reservoir on Sunday. Srisailam dam has a current storage capacity of 215.33tmc-ft. The inflows have increased since Sunday morning due to heavy rains in upstream areas of the Krishna river.

Almatti reservoir recorded inflows of 1.95 lakh cusecs and it released 2.25 lakh cusecs downstream. The Narayanpur dam received inflow of 2.20 lakh cusecs and discharged as much by way of outflows. The Jurala project was releasing 2.52 lakh cusecs towards Srisailam reservoir.

The Tungabhadra dam was maintained with full gross storage capacity of 105tmc-ft and it released outflows of 43,742 cusecs to the river and the waters were joining the Srisailam. The Sunkesula project’s 18 gates were
lifted and 72,000 cusecs were being released downstream into the Krishna river..

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