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Non-corrupt must fight against vote-for-cash: Madras HC

Published Mar 29, 2019, 1:55 am IST
Updated Mar 29, 2019, 1:59 am IST
Justice S.M.Subramaniam further observed that these representatives of people are not only accountable but also responsible for enactment of laws.
Madras high court
 Madras high court

Chennai: “Recently, popular corruption is ‘vote for cash’. Our great nation had large number of statesmen. However, during present days, the concept of 'vote for cash' is being developed by many number of political parties. An ambitious citizen, who would like to become a Member of Parliament or a Member of Legislative Assembly, in order to contribute his knowledge, experience for enacting good laws for the development of society and to our great nation are indulging in illegal activities of 'vote for cash”, observed the Madras high court.

Justice S.M.Subramaniam further observed that these representatives of people are not only accountable but also responsible for enactment of laws. If they indulge in such corrupt activities of 'vote for cash', then the very foundation of the democratic principles are slackened. It is undoubtedly a slam on democracy. If these activities are allowed to be developed, the very expectation of the people for the development is demolished and people will end in frustration, the judge added.


 While dealing with a case relating to suspension of a public servant for allegedly indulging in corrupt activities, Justice S.M.Subramaniam, who made the above observation said,

“We the people of India, though obliged to uproot the corruption in entirety, at least efforts are to be taken to control and minimize the level of corruptions. If we are able to achieve, undoubtedly, it is a great success and we are marching towards the attainment of constitutional goals”.

 Equally, a few voters are not realizing the sanctity and the value of the right of voting in a largest democracy in the world. Exercise of the democratic right is of paramount importance. It is a duty enunciated under Article 51-A of the Constitution of India. To abide by the constitutional rights, its deals and institutions are the fundamental duties enunciated in the constitution. Noble ideas are to be followed. The integrity of our great nation is to be protected. Unfortunately, the social evil of corruption has now become an accepted social phenomenon and the way of life for many people, the judge added.

  The judge said corruption becomes way of life which was deep-rooted almost in all levels. An effortful action was to be progressed in order to control the corrupt activities, both in public life as well as amongst the public servants.

The minority non-corrupt and right thinking persons are necessarily to be encouraged and protected by the constitutional courts and the authorities competent to ensure that fight against majority corrupt was advanced. The minority non-corrupt were 'Pandavas' and the majority corrupt were 'Kauravas'. “This court is of the fond hope that the minority non-corrupt will certainly win the battle field against the corruption, if the spirit of democracy and constitutional principles are advanced and implemented amongst the youth of this great nation”, the judge added.

 Unfortunately, even in the department of vigilance and anti-corruption, corrupt officials were functioning. Thus, vigil over the vigilance wings was to be created.

If the situations were allowed to be developed in the forthcoming years, undoubtedly, situations would be worsened and the next generation of this country will face the evil consequences of corruption in its advanced form, which will shaken the pillars of the democratic country. “Recent days, corruption is way of life for many people. Greediness is the source for improvised corruptions. People are not ready to think of contentedness in life. Rather comparative life leads the men and women to disasters. Thus, change of mind is imminent and such principles are to be injected in the new blood, more specifically, to the youth of this great nation. However, state/union has to ensure effective and efficient implementation of anti-corruption laws”, the judge added.

Judiciary not exempt from graft

The Madras high court has said, “Judiciary is not exempted from corruption. Corruptions in the judiciary are also widespread and admitted by the great jurists and the Judges. Litigants during the process of redressal of their grievances have to provide bribe on several occasions. Instances are many and it starts from the legal departments and court registries etc., Situations are not improving, contrarily it is dissenting”.

Dismissing a petition from a Village Administrative Officer, challenging his suspension, Justice S.M.Subramaniam made the above observations.

The judge said corrupt judicial officers are to be declared as anti nationals, so also the public servants. They are anti-nationals because they are obstructing the developmental activities of our great nation. The great thinkers found that corruption is the greatest obstacle for developmental activities. When it is realized that corruption is the obstacle for developmental activities of our great nation, what kind of designation one can offer, the judge added.

The judge said certainly such persons are anti-nationals. Terrorists are acting against the developmental activities of our great nation are also to be declared as anti-nationals. Thus, persons corrupt and acting against the developmental activities of our great nation are also to be declared as an-nationals. These anti-nationals are not cared about the development of our great nation.

They are interested in their self development alone.

Nothing wrong to become a rich. However, the process being adopted for achieving one's ambition or goal must be through the way, which would not affect the interest of our nation and, also would not infringe the rights of all other co-citizen. Thus, corruption in judiciary is the greatest enemy to the constitution and judiciary must also initiate drastic measures in order to control corruptions in various forms, the judge added.