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Nine ecotourism parks to be developed in Palnadu

Deccan Chronicle.| Sampat G Samritan

Published on: January 29, 2023 | Updated on: January 29, 2023
Avenue plantation raised at Boppudi eco-park.  By Arrangement

Avenue plantation raised at Boppudi eco-park. By Arrangement

VIJAYAWADA: Forest authorities will develop nine ecotourism parks in Palnadu district to sensitise people about flora and fauna and conservation of forests.

Eight of these park will be within reserve forests – Daida Eco Park in Gurazala mandal, Macherla Eco Park in Macherla mandal, Deverampadu Eco Park in Rajupalem mandal, Guthikonda Bilam Eco Park in Pidiguralla mandal, Sanjeevanikonda Eco Park in Muppalla mandal, Batrupalem Eco Park in Dachepalli mandal, Mannepalli Eco Park in Bollapalli mandal and Sattemmathalli Eco Park in Atchampeta mandal. The Boppudi Eco Park in Chilakaluripeta mandal comes within the social forestry area.

Foresters will develop basic amenities like waiting rooms, resting places, trekking routes, potable water supply, washrooms and other facilities in the eco parks for the benefit of tourists. People will then be at ease and realise the importance of promoting greenery in a big way, as it protects the environment from pollution.

It is estimated that development of each eco park will cost 60 lakh. Funds for the purpose will be mobilised from within the budget of the department and also from donors, with facilities being named as per their choice of donors as a mark of gratitude.

Foresters say in some parks there are also temples, where tourists are facing difficulty for want of amenities. These will be given a facelift along with provision of basic amenities, so that tourists can visit these places on a regular basis, enjoy the ambience and learn about conservation and protection of forests and wildlife, Palnadu district forest officer N. Ramachandra Rao said.

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