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Horticulture expo in Hyderabad draws aspiring farmers, plant enthusiasts

Deccan Chronicle.| Aarti Kashyap

Published on: January 29, 2023 | Updated on: January 30, 2023
Large number of people visit the  Nursery mela at Peoples Plaza P.V. Narasimha rao marg on Sunday. (Photo: S. Surender Reddy)

Large number of people visit the Nursery mela at Peoples Plaza P.V. Narasimha rao marg on Sunday. (Photo: S. Surender Reddy)

Hyderabad: Gardening enthusiasts flocked to People’s Plaza on Sunday to catch a glimpse of over 20,000 plant varieties that were on display at the 13th Grand Nursery Mela, a horticulture show. The expo that started on January 26 will end on Monday.

Mela incharge Khalid Ahmed said that this year, around 120 stalls have been set up, with plant enthusiasts from Assam, J&K, Haryana, Punjab, Maharashtra and Karnataka, among others, taking part.

Flowers, such as roses, chrysanthemums, lilies, water lilies, lotus, carnations and daisies, in multiple colours, were a hit among buyers, as they adorned the walkways, making for a picturesque view alongside the Hussainsagar. Decorative items for home and garden, such as bamboo hangers, clay and ceramic pots, and granite vases, were also a big hit.

Besides the usual array of items, décor plants and indoor ones, such as bromeliads, bonsai and bamboo were a hit among expert horticulturists.

A bonsai of ’Ficus hispida’, which was more than 20 years old, was priced at Rs 1 lakh, according to stall owner M. Dinesh. He said, "We have bonsai starting from Rs 1,000 to Rs 1 lakh and above. The price depends on the species and the age of the plant. We have species such as dividivi, ficus tiger bark, and even a Vietnamese specie, premna."

Hydroponic stations also drew aspiring urban farmers, who took in the requirements and arrangements to grow plants such as lettuce, coriander and spinach in their backyards.

A standout stall was one of medicinal herbs and plants, which displayed more than 60 varieties.

Yamini Narra, the owner of the stall, said, "People are generally not aware of the medicinal plants that can be used as cures and treatments. We have medicinal plants for many types of diseases and disorders, from blood pressure, diabetes, insomnia, skin diseases, fever, kidney issues, to even cancer and vitamin deficiencies. Sadapaku and Lakshman Phala are mainly used in treating cancer, while Chakramuni plant serves as a multivitamin, Madhunashini and Nela Vemu are for diabetes, among others. There is even a herbal snake repellent called ‘Thella Eswari’."

Old City resident Y. Ravi Raj said that it was interesting and informative to know about these medicinal plants and herbs and could be helpful in daily life use.

K. Krishnamurthy of Boduppal, a first-time visitor, said he bought many new varieties of flowers for his home garden.

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