Cotton farmers in Adilabad left with few options, sell produce for low prices

By DECCAN CHRONICLE | Pillalamarri Srinivas

30 January 2023

ADILABAD: Cotton sales have stagnated at markets in Adilabad and nearby areas, with no arrivals on Sunday marking a first in recent years, according to traders, following the steep fall in prices.

Sources said this is because farmers have started taking their produce to agriculture markets in neighbouring Maharashtra, as they receive more for the produce unlike in Adilabad, where traders cite moisture content as a reason for the deduction.

On average, farmers got Rs.9,000 per quintal of cotton last year in Adilabad. This year, private traders offered Rs.8,500 per quintal at the season start, with the price gradually dipping to Rs.7,500 per quintal and then Rs.6,500 per quintal.

Additionally, deductions for moisture content left farmers seething and resorting to taking their produce to Maharashtra.

However, sources said that traders, to protect their interests, joined hands with their counterparts in Korpana, Ghadchandur, Vani, and Hinganghat markets of Maharashtra, which is proving costly for farmers.

Farmers said that last year, they received Rs.700-Rs.900 more per quintal in Maharashtra, but this has now come down to Rs.200- Rs.300.

Thirupati Reddy, a cotton farmer of Sanghdi in Bela Mandal, said farmers are disappointed with the poor price being offered at markets by private cotton traders. They said that while the minimum support price is Rs.6,380 per quintal, they are being lowballed further and that the government must give a push to ensure better prices for cotton.

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