People want development, not money or freebies: Raghavendra Thane

Corruption, which is the root cause of every problem, should be wiped out from the system, says Mr. Raghavendra.

What do you think about the condition of Hebbal constituency in terms of infrastructure and development?
There are several issues which need attention, but the major issues are the poor drainage, badly maintained roads, irregular water supply and frequent power cuts. The primary health centres and government schools are also neglected. The biggest problem is that corruption is deep rooted in government offices here. The poor are becoming poorer and the rich are becoming richer in Hebbal. The constituency receives Rs 60 crore annually but we don't know where the money is going. Corruption, which is the root cause of every problem, should be wiped out from the system.

If you win, what will your priorities be for the constituency?
I would first tackle the issues of civic development, drainage and sewage problems. Education and health will also be given importance and measures will be taken to improve them at the earliest by providing all the required facilities as the constituency has people who cannot afford to go to private hospitals for treatment or big schools to study. So if we give them good facilities in government hospitals and schools, their lifestyle will get better.

What are you promising the public?
I would like to assure the people that if I win I will be in constant touch with them and take their feedback to resolve problems. As I go around campaigning, I realise that the senior citizens want people like us to become leaders as we are promising them development and nothing else.

When the constituency has big names contesting from it, how confident are you of winning from it?
People want development and not money or freebies. The other candidates are trying to buy people by the use of their money power. But I want people to elect someone based on his abilities and skills. I am confident that I will win, but it is an election, so ultimately the people will decide by voting. I only request them to come out and vote for the right candidate.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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