Strays wreak havoc in Kozhikode

Kuthiravattam residents flay civic body.

KOZHIKODE: With the number of stray dog attacks on the rise across the city, victims complain that there is no action from the authorities either to pacify the victims or to bring down the rate of attacks. Bhagyalakshmi V., a homemaker, was attacked last week with one of the three strays even barging into her house and biting her left leg. She was rushed to the MIMS hospital to be given a vaccination and 5 course anti-rabies injections from the Medical College Hospital as the wounds were deep. Bhagyalakshmi told DC, “It has been one week since the incident took place but I have not been able to shake off the fear”. I haven’t gone out for the past one week”. On the same day in the evening, a 5-year-old girl also was attacked by strays in her neighbourhood.

Kuthiravattam South Residents’ Association had filed a complaint with the Kozhikode Corporation to kill stray dogs two years ago but did not receive a positive response. After the recent incidents, the association again informed the Corporation and demanded necessary action. Ashokan Nadukandi, the president of the residents association, told DC, “The Corporation has failed to take immediate action against stray dogs which is a huge threat to the people”. “The stray dogs are creating a nuisance to the public especially at night. Pedestrians find it extremely difficult to walk on the road near Kuthiravattam Mental Hospital for fear of stray dog attacks”, said C. Ullas, a resident of Kuthiravattam.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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