Doctors unsure of fixing Swamy Gangeshananda's male organ

The multiple levels of cuts were allegedly caused by a blunt instrument.

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Swamy Gangeshananda alias Hari may have to live the rest of his life without his normal genitals as the doctors are sceptical of re-attaching his penis which was cut by a girl who resisted his rape attempt on May 9. The doctors of the government medical college hospital here had sewn his organ but it was showing a tendency to gangrene. The multiple levels of cuts were allegedly caused by a blunt instrument.

“This will mean that the penis has to be removed. In such a case, normal urination will be possible but the swamy will have to do it in a sitting position,” a surgeon said. “If it was a single cut using sharp instrument we could have shortened and levelled the penis and re-attached it. Through microscopic surgery, all the blood vessels and nerves could have been re-attached. A full erection would also have been possible,” he added. The doctors attached to general surgery had sewn in the penis immediately after he was admitted to avoid death through blood loss. They also consulted the plastic surgery department who were pessimistic about the outcome.

The injured godman is now under the observation of the urology department. “We hope the penis will show revascularisation. However, it is highly unlikely and there is severe swelling,” a doctor said. The doctors have put a tube through the sewn penis shaft for urination. The penis has suffered 90 per cent cut and was dangling. Hence, the rescuers did not have to bring it in an icebox like in similar cases of bobbitisation. The godman, 53, is otherwise healthy and has no lifestyle diseases, the doctors added. The police have not registered a case against the woman considering its as an act in self- defence to thwart rape attempt. The woman continues to be in the shelter home and the swamy was yet to give any statements against her.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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