Hyderabad traffic police crackdown on tampered number plates

Over 16,000 vehicles booked during special drive

Hyderabad: Hyderabad traffic police launched a special drive against tampering, fixing, irregular and absence of vehicle registration plates here on Saturday. Officials also started cracking down on modified silencers, horns and black tints on car windows.

They booked 9,387 cases against number plate violations, 3,270 cases against noise pollution and 4,280 against black tints/stickers.

“These offences are not only traffic violations but also criminal activities. Towards this we wish to create awareness about rules and regulations under the Motor Vehicles Act,” officials said.

Speaking about horns, they said that as per Central Motor Vehicles Rules of 1989, no vehicle shall be fitted with any multi-toned horn giving a succession of different notes or with any other sound-producing device giving an unduly harsh, shrill, loud or alarming noise. Similarly, every vehicle shall be fitted with a silencer.

“No owner of a motor vehicle shall so alter the vehicle that the particulars contained in the certificate of registration are at variance with those originally specified by the manufacturer. The rule also states that the glass of the windscreen and rear window should be maintained in such a condition that the visual transmission of light is not less than 70 per cent. Glasses for side windows should be so maintained that visual transmission of light is not less than 50 per cent,” explained the officials.

Those not abiding by the rules will be subject to legal action under MV Act and Section 188 IPC & 336 IPC Indian Penal Code.

People noticing traffic violations can approach Hyderabad traffic police on their official Facebook and Twitter handle or contact traffic helpline 90102-03626.

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