Kurnool police helping in recovery of lost phones by use of special app

ANANTAPUR: Ram Ni Tomer of Uttar Pradesh, who came for darshan of Lord Venkateswara Swamy at Tirumala a month ago, got it back after he lodged a grievance with the Kurnool police app.

"Many people arriving here from various states and districts are happy getting back their lost phones with the help of the app," the police here said.

A similar situation was faced by Sujatha of Hyderabad, who lost her phone at a toll plaza on the AP borders. She got it back after Kurnool police intervened.

Kurnool SP Siddarth Kausel held the 4th phase of the phone recovery mela in Kurnool on Sunday. He handed over 1,924 lost mobile phones worth to the victims. He said a total of 5727 mobile phones were recovered in four phases of the Mobile Phone Recovery Melas.

In the first phase, 653 mobile phones were recovered while 1064 phones in the second phase and 2086 mobile phones in the third phase. "In the present Mela, we recovered more mobile phones and handed them over to those who lost them.”

"Our system of recovering mobile phones has spread to many states,", the SP said, adding that at least 700 mobile phones from other states were traced and handed over to the original owners.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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