12 Hyderabad students detained in Ukraine, debit cards snatched

No Embassy official was available for help

Hyderabad: As many as 12 Hyderabadi students including girls, who are pursuing MBBS in Ukraine, were allegedly detained by the security forces just five kilometres away from the Romanian border of Ukraine. The security forces also snatched debit cards from them, it is learnt.

The situation at the borders of Poland and Romania worsened on Sunday as the security forces did not allow Telugu students to cross the border. At least eight Telugu students managed to reach the Poland border, but the security forces resorted to mild lathi-charge on them and made them return to Ukraine. The communication system has also not been working since Sunday morning.
Viswanath, a resident of Kacheguda, said his son Kunal was pursuing MBBS and was stuck in Ukraine following the Russian Army’s invasion. "As many as 12 Hyderabadi students went to the Romanian border to board a flight. Just five kilometres away from the Romanian border, the security forces detained the students and their mobile phone signals were not working. My son called me and informed me that they were detained by security forces and were not allowed to reach the Romanian border. They walked at least 30 kilometres to reach the place last night," Viswanath said.

Kunal said the forces snatched their debit cards and asked to get permission from the authorities to cross the border. No Embassy official was available for help. The students also approached the consultancy persons and received no response from them, Viswanath said.

Similarly, eight students reached the Polish border on Saturday night. But the security forces caned the students and made them return to Ukraine.

Nageswara Rao, a resident of Attapur, said his daughter Reena and her friends were stranded at the Romanian border. "It is almost minus 5 degrees Celsius at the place and students are facing severe cold conditions. Reena told this morning that they were trying to contact embassy officials to get proper permission letters to cross the border in Romania," Nageswara Rao said.

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