Anglo-Indians set for boxing day ball in Hyderabad

The crowd will be a mix of families, young and old, relatives, acquaintances and friends

Hyderabad: Every year, when Boxing Day arrives the day after Christmas, is time for more celebrations for members of the Anglo-Indian community in the city. December 26 is a day the members of the community look forward to, particularly for the ball organised by the Anglo-Indian Association of the twin cities.

Traditionally, the Boxing Day Ball gets rolling at 8 pm and goes on till midnight. This year, the event is scheduled to be held at Tivoli Gardens in Secunderabad on Sunday. The crowd will be a mix of families, young and old, relatives, acquaintances and friends.

Warren La' Touche, governing body member and president of association, said, “December is a season to celebrate the dawn of a new timeline. In Hyderabad, earlier, it used to be celebrated at the Railway Institute in South Lalaguda on December 26 but from the 90's, Father Charles changed the trend to December 26 as per international standards."

He said with the Boxing Day Ball in 2020 cancelled due to Covid-19, this year, as soon as the announcement out, the bookings were sold out.

He said every Covid-19 safety protocol will be followed. "It would be better if the partners dance with their masks on. There will be a live band playing music with a selection of rock and roll hits of the 50's, disco of the 80's, along with some rap and jive," he added.

The excitement was palpable when 23-year-old Adrian, who works at Amazon as a manager said he will wear a suit and plans to attend the dance with his girlfriend. "I have been a regular for this for the past few years," he said.

For Murphy Peters, who works with Uber as a manager, the ball will be family time. I will be wearing a matching bow tie with a suit and will go with my family. I attend the ball to enjoy the music and the food."

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