Woollens out as Hyderabad feels 17.7ºC

Hyderabad: In the first sign of winter onset, Hyderabad on Thursday recorded a minimum temperature of 17.7 degrees Celsius (°C), coupled with cooler mornings and chillier nights, propelled by northeasterly winds that have led to a dip in mercury levels.

M. Mukanda Rao, a meteorologist with the India Meteorological Department (IMD), said: “North-easterly winds are prevailing, which brings a chill. On Thursday, the temperature was 17.7°C. Over the past four days, the city and its surrounding areas are experiencing a chill, which indicates the start of the winter for this year.”

He said, “In the first week of November, there will be a slight rise in the temperatures, after which it will gradually slip into winter.”

Residents were excited a lot, having pulled out their winter gear, blankets, and comforters from storage. Morning joggers, night watchmen, and truckers have already been spotted lighting bonfires to keep themselves warm.

Those living in the vast expanse, of around 1,600 acres, of Osmania University have perhaps felt the chill the hardest.

Laxmi Narayana, the registrar of OU, said, “My residence is within the campus and we have started feeling the chill in the mornings. We have also witnessed for the past four days that winter (migratory) birds are visiting the open areas near my place.”

He said, “During the lockdown, the HMDA planted several plants, which have now grown, adding more greenery to the campus.”

Joy Shirleen Tatapude, a resident of Alwal, said: “Winter holds a special place as this season brings several celebrations and campfire dinners. Hyderabad is the best place for pleasant winter outings.”

Rizwan Shaikh, another resident, said: “A lot of festivals fall in the winter, starting with Diwali and going on to Christmas, New Year and Sankranti, as well. This is a great time to rock out traditional Indian apparel like kurtas, with crop jackets, and bundis. People can also cover up with shawls, including the Jamdani variety, as well as scarfs.”

Shaikh, who works as a designer, said: “In the Western style, one can wear jackets, waistcoats, fur, and a fusion of warm clothes to bring out new style. For young women, the style can be shrugs and crop tops with warm wraps. Saris can be complemented with woollen sweaters.”

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