Stage set for Brahmanda Nayaka Brahmotsavams

Navadhanyas are sown in different mud pots invoking the blessings of Moon God on the day

NELLORE: Millions from across the globe are eagerly waiting for the most auspicious and grandeur event – annual Brahmotsavams of Sri Venkateswara Swamy in Tirumala, which is all set to take place from Tuesday, September 27, to October 5, after a gap of two years due to Covid pandemic.

Of the 450-odd festivals celebrated every year in Tirumala as per Vaikhanasa Agama tradition, the nine-day event is considered the festival of splendour and gaiety.

The processional deity of Sri Malayappa Swamy in all His spiritual grandeur, decked with jewellery and flowers, wearing bright-coloured pattu vastrams, will take the celestial ride all along the four mada streets to bless His beloved devotees.

The nine-day festivities will commence with the ceremonious Ankurarpanam or Beejavapanam on Monday, which is considered to be the ritual of prelude before commencing the mega religious fete. Navadhanyas are sown in different mud pots invoking the blessings of Moon God on the day. The level to which the grains sprout becomes the benchmark of hurdle-free and successful conduct of the annual Brahmotsavams.

Dwajarohanam will be held on September 27, where the Garuda flag of Sri Venkateswara is hoisted in the evening after the procession of the Utsava Murthis on a gold Tiruchi.

Important events during the Brahmotsavams include Pedda Sesha Vahanam on September 27, Mohini Avataram on October 1 morning and most popular Garuda Vahanam during the same evening. October 2 will witness Hanumantha Vahanam in the morning and Golden Chariot procession as well as Gaja Vahanam in the evening.

Another key event, Radhotsavam is scheduled for October 4 morning. Grandeur of the Ratham and the procession are a cynosure to the eyes of devotees.

Aswa Vahanam will be on October 4 evening and Brahmotsavams will conclude with Chakrasnanam on October 5.

During the final event, the Utsava idols of Sri Malayappa, Sridevi and Bhudevi, along with the anthropomorphic form of Lord Sri Sudarshana Chakrathalvar, will be given final Abhisekam and led to Pushkarini for holy bath before they return to the Ananda Nilayam.

Thousands of devotees line up the Swami Pushkarini to take a holy dip in the waters sanctified and made sacred by the Utsava idols.

To mark the completion of Brahmotsavams, Dhwajavarohanam ritual will be held on October 5, when the Garuda flag will be lowered on the last day’s night, indicating the grand conclusion of the nine-day mega event.

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