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Pregnant woman denied admission, gives birth in hospital toilet

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Published on: September 26, 2021 | Updated on: September 26, 2021

Lakshmi's relatives staged a protest and demanded action against duty doctor and nursing staff for refusing her admission



ANANTAPUR: The alleged negligence of a duty doctor and the staff at the Rayadurgam government hospital led to a pregnant woman delivering a baby in the washroom in hospital premises on Saturday.

Sources said K. Lakshmi of Chandrababu Naidu Colony in Rayadurgam town went into labour on Saturday morning. Her family took her to the hospital for delivery and approached the duty doctor for admission.

The staff, after examining Lakshmi, asked her family to rush her to the Kalyanadurgam RDT Hospital as the condition of the foetus was not good. Besides, weight of the foetus was less. This could lead to complications if the delivery was done at the Rayadurgam hospital, they told Lakshmi’s family members.

The two hospitals are about 40 km apart.

Lakshmi went to relieve herself at the washroom in the hospital premises ahead of the journey, and delivered the baby. On coming to know of this, Lakshmi was provided assistance.

Lakshmi’s relatives and family members staged a protest and demanded action against duty doctor and nursing staff in the hospital for refusing her admission.

"The delivery was normal minutes after the doctor and staff referred her as an emergency case. The baby weight was 3.030 kg, and not undeweight as informed by the hospital staff," Lakshmi’s mother said. The family submitted a complaint to hospital superintendent Dr Manjuvani against the staff.

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