TS cops going through operational and organisational stress, finds study

Hyderabad: A study conducted by Osmania University researchers has found that middle-aged policemen and those in junior ranks are very highly stressed, and all of them were going through operational and organisational stress.

The study also found that physical and family-related stress is higher in these sections. It covered around 400 constables, head constables, assistant sub-inspectors, sub-inspector and inspectors and station house officers.

Osmania University’s department of business management conducted the study on stress management among policemen in the state. It concluded that the police personnel be given proper guidance from experts.

Essential stress relief programmes are a must for policemen, said the study done by research scholar Raju Challa and supervised by Dr Smitha Sambrani, professor, department of business management.

The study found that both functional and hierarchical pressure was critical among the cops and 23 per cent of personnel participating in the study said they suffered from hypertension, diabetes, renal issues and sensitivity, among others.

Hierarchical pressure was noticed at a reasonable level among 68 per cent and at a significant level among 14 per cent. The study group reported functional pressure a reasonable level among 67 per cent cops and at a great level among 16.5 per cent cops.

Younger police personnel, in the 21-35 years age group and those holding junior positions. said they experienced pressure. While 23 per cent of them were found to have actual sicknesses due to stress, four per cent displayed dysfunctional behaviour and 29 per cent detailed substance misuse, the study found.

The outcomes highlighted the elevated degree of stress among police personnel, and the requirement for steps to address the issue.

An additional director-general of police rank official associated with training said that during induction training the recruits are taught specific modules on stress and health management. Later on, they undergo mid-career programmes to sensitise them.

“If anybody is found to going through mental or physical health issues, they will be directed to health counsellors and monitored constantly,” the official told Deccan Chronicle.

High-stress work

A study conducted by the department of business management, Osmania University, listed the various reasons why police personnel felt highly stressed.

Operational causes

No social life: 79%

No flexible time: 74%

Night duty: 74%

Overtime: 73%

High risk: 73%

Always on field: 72%

Spending a lot of time of fitness: 71%

Exhaustion: 71%

Health Issues: 69%

Organisational causes

Lack of arms training: 84%

Court duty: 81%

Scarcity of resources: 77%

Division of work: 76%

Staff shortage: 75%

No accountability: 75%

Rule changes: 75%

Red tapism: 74%

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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