Telangana: Election campaign is different' in areas bordering Maharashtra

Nirmal: The Telangana Assembly election campaign in the areas bordering Maharashtra is different - with the publicity material and speeches in Hindi - and some leaders from Maharashtra are also campaigning.

Political leaders of Nirmal district are keen on involving leaders of Maharashtra in the present election campaigning.

Former chief minister Ashok Chavan addressed a large gathering in Tanur mandal two days ago. He was a native of Bhokar assembly constituency adjacent to the Mudhole.

Dalits and Lambadas had, in the past, migrated to Mudhole and Nirmal regions from bordering Maharashtra in sizable numbers. These people are in significant numbers in Tanur and Kubeer in Mudhole constituency as also in Sarangapur in Nirmal constituency and in Sonala mandal in Boath constituency.

BJP and Congress leaders are more active in the election campaign in border areas of Nirmal district. Migrants who settled down in these areas speak Hindi, Marathi and Banjara languages.

Candidates of the BJP, Congress and BRS are explaining to the voters their manifesto details in Hindi and Marathi. Pamphlets of the six guarantee schemes were printed in both Telugu and Hindi, which are being distributed to the voters.

While the election campaign vehicles are decorated with the ‘six guarantee’ schemes in Hindi, singers are reaching these to the people in both Telugu and Hindi.

People of Nirmal district especially Mudhole constituency maintain business and family relations with the inhabitants of the bordering areas in Maharashtra.

Large numbers of devotees visit the Basar Saraswati temple from Maharashtra every day. Farmers of Nirmal district sell their cotton in markets of Maharashtra, where prices are better compared to what are offered in Mudhole.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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