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Dogs, drains and dodgy roads

Published Nov 25, 2019, 1:12 am IST
Updated Nov 25, 2019, 1:12 am IST
Abandoned vehicles parked at the stretch of Chacha Nehru Park have become a haven for these activities, especially after sunset.
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 Representational image

Thank you DC for making an impact
I would first like to thank Deccan Chronicle for putting across the woes of commuters at Safilguda Raliway gate through Speak Out. This evening, it was a pleasant surprise for me to see the way open & ready for use. Thank you Deccan Chronicle. But for your intervention, the authorities would not have acted so swiftly.
— Sarada Old Safilguda

GHMC, please lay a new road
We, the residents of Owaisipura, Masab Tank want a solution to an issue that we have been facing for a year-and-half. In August 2018, the road in Owaisipura near Chacha Nehru Park was dug up to lay a new road. The new road is nowhere to be seen and on top of this, the drain lids have surfaced on the road, leading to accidents during the night.


When I was clicking the picture, miscreants approached me and hurled abuses for clicking the picture and they told me not to write a complaint. I request the police to patrol our area regularly to check for ganja smokers and anti-social elements.

Abandoned vehicles parked at the stretch of Chacha Nehru Park have become a haven for these activities, especially after sunset.
—Residents of Owaisipura Masab tank

Illegal workshop causing pollution
We the residents of Hashamabad, near Masjid-e-Khadriya, under Chandrayangutta police station limits, would like to bring to your notice that an illegal almirah workshop in a residential area is causing huge noise pollution. We have already booked a complaint with the police (Case no HYD2335PC1910539. We request the authorities to take stern action quickly.
—Shaik Aliuddin Chandrayangutta

Blockage at Tarnaka flyover
Now that the Tarnaka flyover is fully functional and the metro work is done, it is time the Tarnaka crossroads beneath the flyover is opened since commuters are put through a lot of hardship in taking a long U-turn, leading to wastage of fuel and time. In one trip, commuters are forced to cover nearly four extra kilometres due to the U-turns. I hope the traffic police remove the blockage at Tarnaka crossroads and make it comfortable for the commuters and save fuel and time.
— T. Kailash Aditya Barkatpura

Dengue, malaria due to dumping
Mosquito breeding due to the garbage dumping in front of my house is causing dengue, malaria and other diseases. Multiple complaints have been raised but to no avail. I request the authorities to focus on solving the garbage issue and safeguarding the environment.
— Harsh Vardhan East Marredpally

Traffic jam due to pipeline work
Three months ago, near the Ameen Unani pharmacy clinic at Bazharghat X road, about 25 pipes were laid on the road. The construction of the drain has not yet started and it has led to congestion on the road.

Traffic jams are routine now and traders in the area are finding it difficult. Authorities are requested to take action at the earliest.
 I do not expect that attention will be paid to this request anyway.
— Syed Shamsuddin Maghrabi

Strays scare women and children

I would like to bring to the notice of authorities the issue of stray dogs on the Prakash Nagar temple road in Begumpet. It is becoming increasingly difficult to visit the temple with the stray dog menace. Women and children can't move on the road all day long starting early morning.
— Sujata Yadagiri

Illegal parking create hurdles for Gudimalkapur residents

I am a resident of Vijayasree Apartments, Santoshnagar Colony, Gudimalkapur road, Mehdipatnam. There are two roads passing through the colony which lead to the vegetable and flower markets in Gudimalkapur.

Autorickshaws, motorcycles, school buses and other private vehicles ply in large numbers regularly on these two vital roads.

At any given point of time, one may notice that two or three water tankers, half a dozen private taxis and auto-rickshaws are invariably parked on these roads, causing inconvenience to pedestrians and obstructing vehicular movement.

The vegetable and flower consumers after making purchases at these markets, stop by at the intersection near our apartment to urinate, causing inconvenience to womenfolk.

The open space nearby the apartment, presumably stuck in legal issues, has become a dumping ground for garbage, which the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation staff does not bother to clear. I request Deccan Chronicle to highlight this issue to draw the attention of the authorities.
— R.J. Janardhana Rao Mehdipatnam

Manhole leakage in Upparpally left unaddressed for years

The issue of overflow of drainage from manholes at Ashok Vihar II, NMDC Colony, near Pillar No. 195 of PVNR Express Highway, has been pending for months now.

We have already been facing a similar problem opposite BNR Apartments for many years.

In both cases, we have raised complaints in writing to HMWS&SB and GHMC, Rajendra Nagar Division, which has included our colony in the Swach Telangana programme. Multiple requests could not yield any result and the issue remains a threat to the health of locals.When will the authorities swing into action and when we will be relieved of these problems?
— Guruswami Sankara Upparpally

Drainage overflow in Maa Santoshi Colony

It is disappointing that the authorities haven't responded to our requests in over a month. We have registered a complaint on the drainage overflow issue in Maa Santoshi Colony, Phase I, Risala Bazar, Bolarum. With danger of attracting dengue and viral fevers, mosquito breeding is only adding to the woes besides the stink. I request the authorities to take necessary action.
— Savan Kumar

Menace of strays at night

We live in Red Hills Colony where stray dogs are giving us sleepless nights with non-stop barking. These dogs enter our residences, everyone finds it difficult to go on the street.  Please check this menace in our area.
— Syed Shamsuddin Maghrabi

Electricity dept. creates hurdles, chops trees

Local municipal workers trespassed into our property at Davaryemjal, Shameerpet, recently and chopped down three trees saying they were crossing the electricity lines. The trees lean towards the road in front of the property. Two years ago, the electricity department decided to lay a new high tension line from the main road to Elgalgudda village which falls near our property. For reasons best known to the department, they took the wires right over our fence where there were several big trees. To accommodate the wires, they cut two tamarind trees by half besides chopping large chunks out of other trees.

These days it has become a routine for them to chop the trees. What was the need to lay the wires right over fully grown trees, after all?

While the government asks people to plant more trees, its personnel hack down trees on private properties. They need to get their act together.
— Sheelagh Patel Shameerpet

Open plot turns into dumpyard

This is to bring to the notice of authorities the issue of dumping waste on an open plot on the  Chilkalguda-Mylargadda road, opposite Amruth Wines. Over the years, the plot has turned into a dumpyard. As a result,a  foul smell emanates from the place.  The stretch, which has no footpaths, is narrowed  due to encroachments by shop keepers. It is making life hell for people to walk on the road, especially in the evening hours. I request the authorities to remove garbage at the earliest.
— Kothari Rangarao

DC impact: Stray dogs issue cleared

I would like to thank Deccan Chronicle for publishing my letter on the stray dog issue. The car parked near the dumpyard was towed away and as a result, the garbage was cleared and the dogs disappeared.   
— Raju Singh

Dumping, illegal parking makes it hard to commute

We, the residents of Bholanagar (First Lancer), near Nasheman Hotel, have a graveyard in the locality that has been turned into a dumping yard and a parking lot, causing regular traffic jams. Moreover, this road, which leads to Road No. 12 Banjara Hills, serves as a shortcut to commuters. We request the authorities to clear the debris and shift the dustbin to elsewhere. Also, we request the traffic police to clear the illegally parked vehicles from the graveyard.
— Zaheer Ahmed Bhola Nagar