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The war strategist’s guide to the galaxy

Published Aug 25, 2019, 3:21 am IST
Updated Aug 25, 2019, 3:21 am IST
Sabir analysed his observations in India with regard to UFO sightings from the latest in Indo-Pak border to the reported beginning in 1977.
In Balakot, strikes were provoked by a drone-like object approaching Indian airspace at night.
 In Balakot, strikes were provoked by a drone-like object approaching Indian airspace at night.

“Wars are not merely because of the earthly border politics but also due to smart sabotages by greater extraterrestrial forces from beyond the globe.”   

Have we got your attention yet? “The attacks from either side of the enemy countries are sabotaged by means of radar and detection-proof Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) transponderless Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) manipulated from beyond the globe... The UFOs are found hovering over nuclear reactors or missile areas, military bases ... the extraterrestrials can remotely contro the earth’s nuclear assets, trigger a missile or even deactivate or render them defunct...”  


Sounds like something out of a sci-fi film, doesn’t it? It is an excerpt, in fact, from a PIL filed with the Supreme Court of India on June 11 this year, by Chennai-based independent researcher on UFO sightings by Sabir Husain, Director of the I ndian Society for UFO Studies (INSUFOS). He asks, in his plea, that the court direct the government to take UFO sightings seriously and form an organisation to keep tabs on extra terrestrial activities.”     

The PIL has references to nine military officers and scientists from five countries-US, UK, France, Chile and Peru, seven of them writing directly to the Supreme Court of India. There is even a reference to Nuclear Physicist Stanton Friedman, who wrote the foreword for Hussain’s forthcoming book, ‘Accidental UFO Apocalypse’. The current Director-General of the Chile UFO Research Agency has also promised to write about the phenomenon and its implications on the Indo-Pak relationship. The PIL says 30 countries are ready to testify before the court! Sabir Hussain is the only representative selected from India to approach UN with a delegation from 30 countries and is supported by the Chinese government, said Hussain.     


Balakot strikes
Sabir Hussain has extensively researched UFO sightings over the last 20 years. He tells Deccan Chronicle, “India needs to take the reported UFO sightings more seriously. Further ignorance can cause irreversible damage to India-Pakistan-China in the form of nuclear wars triggered by decoy UFOs. The extra terrestrials are manipulating drone wars between India and Pakistan forces, which also impacted the strikes in Balakot."

Sabir analysed his observations in India with regard to UFO sightings from the latest in Indo-Pak border to the reported beginning in 1977. He also drew analogy with the sightings since its first reported instance in US military base in 1945 and later in different countries depending on their nuclear upgrades.
The IAF chopper that crashed on February 27 was brought down by the IAF’s MI-17, as it returned to base. The MI-17 was 30 years old and its transponder wasn’t working, says Hussain. The IFF could not be detected by our radars and the crew were told to identify themselves. Due to signal failure, a Spyder Surface to Air Missile was fired at the chopper, killing the six officers. Extra terrestrials, says Sabir, “are likely to take advantage of such situations and create war between countries by eluding radars.


In Balakot, strikes were provoked by a drone-like object approaching Indian airspace at night. When India prepared for retaliation, Pakistan sent two fighter jets. Who sends fighter jets to protect a drone? When India tried to strike it, the drone changed course and disappeared. Nobody is clear even now if that was a Pakistani drone, an assertion Pakistan certainly denies. This is how similarly the UFOs almost triggered a war between USA and USSR in 1972. But since, both the countries had accepted the presence of UFOs,  treaty was signed between them to first analyse what the aircraft violating the mutual airspace is before deciding on the retaliation."


UFO sightings
On July 16, 2019, the locals of Mahendragiri in southern Tamil Nadu reported sighting numerous UFOs above ISRO's Rocket Propulsion Research Centre (IRPC). It is a huge campus with many watch towers, and the sightings reported from different direction of the premise were similar in the details. However, these were written off as being a drone camera. Hussain disagrees. “No human would send a drone to a highly-secured area because its light is too obvious. There were no weddings or temple functions in the vicinity that day. A regular drone can operate from a distance of 500 metres and reach a height of 100 metres. The UFO sightings did not comply with this. When the facility security beamed a light on it, the interfering lights from both ends almost rendered the UFO invisible. In moments, it was gone."


Citing the testimonies by various military officers and scientists, Hussain says India must consider creating a body to keep a vigil on UFOs. "The CIA’s secrecy surrounding extra terrestrial findings has created a false perception that UFOs are a myth. We need to take seriously the substantiated reports by organisations like NITCAP. "For India and Pakistan, nuclear destruction can happen in a minute if aliens manipulate tensions. I have spoken with two ISRO heads and even Dr Abdul Kalam when he was President, after submitting my research reports. I also asked Supreme Court justice Rohinton Nariman for his time, but he gave me five minutes and refused to refer the petition to government. How can I explain such a complex issue in five minutes? 40 countries are on guard, why not India?


Other sightings: June 7, 2018: A UFO was said to be found hovering above the Parliament of India

Sep. 17, 2017: Sighted above PM Narendra Modi's official residence on Lok Kalyan Marg in New Delhi. Hussain opines that this needs serious cognisance from the Indian government.

2013: Soldiers reported seeing hundreds of UFOs entering Indian air space from China over a few months in Ladakh, near the Indo-China border. When Indian scientists were asked to investigate, they said Jupiter and Venus were appearing in close proximity. But can hundreds of flying objects be mistaken for planets?


July 16, 1977:  An Air India 747 was about to land on the Kolkata Dum Dum Airport runway, when a UFO, the same size as the jumbo aircraft, came head on towards it. The pilot was stunned. He braced for a collision but the UFO retracted and disappeared.

Jan. 11, 1977: near Varanasi:  Three UFOs reportedly circled around an IAF transport jet in air for sometime.

July 1976: The first UFO sighting reported in India. “On the Indo-Pak border, a flying saucer was sighted by the Indian armed forces. Two MIG-21 fighter jets were sent after it. Pilots testified that it zipped away at a speed of 4,170 km / hr. “These UFOs don’t need a thrust to accelerate. They can vanish at unfathomable speeds,” he said.