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AP crosses 8-lakh mark of total Covid cases, deaths reach 6,544

Published Oct 24, 2020, 12:42 pm IST
Updated Oct 24, 2020, 3:20 pm IST
State health authorities released their Coronavirus bulletin reporting : Out of 80,238 samples tested,3,765 individuals have tested positive
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VIJAYAWADA, OCT. 23 : Andhra Pradesh has crossed the eight-lakh mark in total number of Covid-19 cases by registering 8,00,684 instances of the disease, with 3,765 new cases having been added during the last 24 hours.

State health authorities have released their Coronavirus bulletin here on Friday reporting that out of 80,238 samples tested, 3,765 individuals have tested positive. 20 persons have succumbed to the disease during the last 24 hours, taking the death toll to 6,544.

Out of the total of 74,28,014 samples tested so far in the state, 7,62,419 patients have been discharged after recovery from various hospitals in the state, while 31,721 patients are still active with the virus and undergoing treatment.

Among the daily new Covid-19 instances, West Godavari has topped with 532 cases, followed by 523 in Guntur, 475 in East Godavari, 460 in Krishna, 347 in Chittoor, 317 in Prakasam, 225 in Kadapa, 218 in Visakhapatnam, 199 in Srikakulam, 152 in Anantapur, 126 in Vizianagaram, 122 in Nellore and 69 in Kurnool.

East Godavari continues to top the state with highest number of 1,12,661 cumulative confirmed Coronavirus cases, followed by 81,784 in West Godavari, 75,690 in Chittoor, 64,372 in Guntur, 63,459 in Anantapur, 59,096 in Kurnool, 58,790 in Nellore, 57,953 in Prakasam, 54,693 in Visakhapatnam, 50,811 in Kadapa, 43,335 in Srikakulam, 38,669 in Vizianagaram, 36,446 in Krishna, 2,461 from other states and 434 from other countries.
Rate of recovery among Covid-19 infected patients has been high, with 1,06,361 recoveries in East Godavari district, followed by 77,582 in West Godavari, 71,464 in Chittoor, 61,191 in Anantapur, 60,067 in Guntur, 57,928 in Kurnool, 57,812 in Nellore, 54,657 in Prakasam, 51,990 in Visakhapatnam, 48,461 in Kadapa, 41,699 in Srikakulam, 37,756 in Vizianagaram, 32,556 in Krishna, 2,461 from other states and 434 from other countries.
Among deaths due to Coronavirus during the last 24 hours, Guntur registered four fatalities, followed by three each in Kadapa and Krishna, two each in Anantapur, Chittoor and East Godavari, and one each in Kurnool, Prakasam, Visakhapatnam and West Godavari districts.

Chittoor registered the highest 756 cumulative deaths due to Covid-19, followed by 602 in Guntur, 597 in East Godavari, 566 in Prakasam, 545 in Anantapur, 542 in Krishna, 497 in Visakhapatnam, 487 in West Godavari, 483 in Nellore, 481 in Kurnool, 424 in Kadapa, 338 in Srikakulam and 226 in Vizianagaram district.

State health authorities have discharged 4,281 Coronavirus-infected patients after recovery from several hospitals in the state during the last 24 hours.

AP conducted Covid-19 tests on 1,39,101 samples per one million population, registering a Covid-19 positive rate of 10.78, while Maharashtra tested 67,274 samples with a positive rate of 19.34 and Telangana tested 1,01,243 samples with a positive rate of 5.72.



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