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Wild leopard caught in Hetero Labs released in Amrabad Tiger Reserve

Deccan Chronicle.| Aarti Kashyap

Published on: December 23, 2022 | Updated on: December 23, 2022
Captured leopard released into Mannanur forests. (Photo by arrangement)

Captured leopard released into Mannanur forests. (Photo by arrangement)

HYDERABAD: The leopard that had strayed from the Narsapur forests into the Hetero Labs campus last week in Khajipally industrial area of Sangareddy and was captured by forest officials, was successfully released in the Amrabad tiger reserve by the Nehru Zoological Park authorities late Thursday.

The leopard was kept under observation at the zoo for a week while veterinarians monitored its health and behaviour. The leopard was taken from the city zoo to the Amrabad reserve at 3 pm, confirmed Principal Chief Conservator of Forest R.M. Dobriyal.

Speaking to Deccan Chronicle, Dr M.A. Hakeem, deputy director veterinary, said the leopard was not tranquillised during the transit and was released in the dense forests of the Mannanur range of the tiger reserve

Amrabad tiger reserve officials stated that the location in the Mannanur range was chosen because it had abundant water nearby as well as sufficient shelter and shade for the animal to rest.

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