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Road in Goshamahal road caved in: Two vehicles and a few vegetable carts were damaged

Deccan Chronicle.| Rachel Dammala

Published on: December 23, 2022 | Updated on: December 24, 2022
People panic as a road in Goshamahal caves. (DC Image/Deepak Deshpande)

People panic as a road in Goshamahal caves. (DC Image/Deepak Deshpande)

HYDERABAD: Six persons were injured when a road in Goshamahal’s Chaknawadi caved in at about 1 pm on Friday, sparking panic in the area.

At least one car, two-wheelers, autos, two-wheelers and vegetable carts sank with the road. Dhanvanth Dhaku Naik, GHMC deputy commissioner, Goshamahal, said that vegetable vendors were preparing for the evening rythu bazaar when the road caved in. Vendors and commuters suffered minor head injuries and abrasions on their limbs.

Goshamahal corporator Lal Singh Lodh stated that a slab had been laid in 2009 on the open Afzalsagar nala that was built in 1972. It has been used as a road since then, he said. "Over the years, as heavy vehicles continued to pass above it, weakening the slab," he said.

Preliminary investigation revealed that the slab on the nala, which flows from Mehdipatnam to Amberpet, had collapsed, taking the road down with it.

GHMC, police and the Disaster Response Force went to the spot upon receiving information. The GHMC field staff began retrieving vehicles and clearing the debris to allow the free flow of sewage water in the nala. The area has been barricaded.

Lal Singh demanded that the government build a better road and compensate the vendors for the loss they incurred due to the accident.

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