Telangana statehood lessons removed from Inter syllabus

The details of the reduced 30% and the remaining 70 percent syllabus of all the subjects of Intermediate course are available on TSBIE site

Keeping in view the CBSE's 30% syllabus reduction directive and the loss of four months of classes due to the COVID-19 lockdown, the Telangana State Board of Intermediate Education (TSBIE) on Tuesday, made recommendations to reduce 30 percent syllabus for Humanities & Languages. The TSBIE informed that this reduction is only for this academic year 2O2O-21, for the Intermediate Public Examination (I.P.E.) March 2021 & Intermediate Public Advanced Supplementary Examination (I.P.A.S.E) May, 2021 only.

The government has further informed that the Final examination, IPE March 2021 & IPASE 2020-21 will be based on the 7O percent of the syllabus. The details of the reduced 30% and the remaining 70 percent syllabus of all the subjects of Intermediate Education are available on the official website of the TSBIE:

According to the Board, in the History-I subject, topics like Early Vedic Period, Later Vedic Period, and Science and Technology in the chapter-II (Indus Valley Civilization & Vedic Culture) have been removed.

Likewise, in History-II subject, topics including Language and Literature, Art and Architecture in unit-II (Age of Satavahanas), Economy, Society, Religion, Education, Language and Literature, and Art & Architecture in unit-III (Post Satavahana Period), Post Kakatiya Period in unit-IV (Age of Kakatiyas), and Mughal Interregnum (1687-1724 CE) in unit-V (Qutub Shahis), Quit India Movement in unit-IX (Freedom Movement in Hyderabad State), Telangana Praja Samithi, Eight Point Formula in unit-X (Separate Telangana State Movement-Early Phase), Non-Cooperation Movements in unit-XI (Separate Telangana State Movement-Later Phase) and Popular Jataras in unit-XII (Fairs and Festivals of Telangana) have been deleted.

Other than this, topics like Liberalism, Individualism, Communism have also been removed from the Political Science subject for Intermediate first year.

Furthermore, it is informed that the syllabus of Intermediate second year subjects of History, Economics, Political Science (Civics), Geography, Public Administration, Commerce & Accountancy, and for Intermediate First year syllabus of Telugu (Second Language) has been revised separately, and the textbooks for the same are available.

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