1.85 lakh women screened under Aarogya Mahila

HYDERABAD: Under the Aarogya Mahila initiative, which was launched in March on the occasion of International Women’s Day, over 1,85,000 women have been screened in the state in the last four months.

Screenings have been done at Aarogya Mahila Clinics which operate on Tuesdays with women doctors and medical staff exclusively for women and provide a diverse range of medical tests and services.

As per the health department statistics, 859 women were detected with oral cancer from a total of 1,42,868 screenings. Similarly, out of 1,41,226 screenings, 1,313 women showed symptoms of breast cancer with 26 women diagnosed with breast cancer, and out of 33,579 screenings, 1,340 women were detected with symptoms of cervical cancer and 26 were diagnosed with cervical cancer.

Additionally, 24,177 thyroid profiles, 27,788 CBP, and 13,474 UTI and pelvic disorder screenings were carried out.

The state has a total of 272 Aarogya Mahila Clinics covering all 33 districts which provide symptom-based screening, followed by timely and suitable treatment to ensure women’s health.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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