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Jabalpur: The defiant behaviour of a senior advocate led Justice Vivek Agarwal to reprimand the lawyer and even direct issuing of contempt of court case against him in the Jabalpur High Court.

The Judge warned the advocate of terminating him from his profession if he continued to argue, without knowing how to behave in the House.

Within minutes of posting the video of the proceedings in the court, it became viral on various platforms on social media.

Justice Agarwal was hearing to a petition on tribal rights and responsibilities when he became serious suddenly after the lawyer refused to answer his questions but blamed the Judge that he was not ready to listen to his argument.

“Who sent you? Is it the responsibility of the tribals? Where was it mentioned in the Constitution? Is it the answer to my question? Where is the tribal organisation you mentioned in your petition?”

To this, the advocate replied: “Are you ready to hear or not?”

Soon the judge directed that notices should be issued to the advocate for contempt of Court. When the advocate tried to raise his voice, Justice Agarwal said: “Let notices be issued to you first. You do not know the procedure in which a case should be argued in a High Court.”

The judge insisted that the advocate answer his question first while advocate contended that his argument be heard.

“I will not listen to your argument until you answer my questions. If you continue to argue, notices would be issued for contempt of court and you will be sent to jail,” the Judge said.

“Learn to talk in a proper and decent manner. Give answers to my first and second questions. Who gave you the advice to file the petition?”

Even as the advocate tried to open his mouth for answering the Judge’s questions, he shouted: “Stop being stubborn. You should be sorry. Have you been taught to be rude in the court? You thought you would become a big figure by filing this petition and arguing without any rhetoric.”

“Have you read the petition before coming to the court? Do you know what questions to ask?”

When the judge asked him from when was he in the profession, he replied 7-8 years. From when have you been in the High Court, the Judge asked to which he gave the same reply again. “Did not anybody teach you how to behave in a High Court and how to speak in a court?”

Finally, Justice Agarwal made it clear that every lawyer should know how to behave in a court or else, they would be issued notices under the Contempt of Court. They should know how to argue before the High Court.

There are several other videos of Justice Vivek Agarwal reprimanding other advocates and police too on the internet.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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