Karnataka: Album recalls the day dreams crashed

On May 22, 2010, 158 people died and 8 were injured when the Air India Express crashed near Mangaluru Airport.

Mangaluru: It was a unique way of paying tribute to the victims of the tragic Mangaluru air crash with an album song. The eight minute song, titled ‘May 22 The last Flight,’ was screened by Dinesh Acharya and his team as a tribute to the crash victims on Saturday.

The album is fictional but has links to the air crash. "We had planned to do this about three years ago. This is a small tribute to the victims. This is the first time in Karnataka that such an album has been done without using videos and by utilising still photos adopting animation," Acharya told DC after a formal release of the album at Big Cinemas at Mangaluru Saturday morning.

"The subject of the album is the air crash. In the story, a boy and girl fall in love. The girl who gets permission from the family, happily conveys it to her friend. He returns to India from Dubai. The girl sees his flight land but her happiness is shortlived as the flight crashes. Though the incident takes place in front of her, it seems like a dream. She feels her friend will return and every year, she visits the airport on May 22 (the day the plane crashed in Mangaluru) in the hope that her boyfriend will return," Acharya narrated the story.

"I had heard about incidents where a victim had died after his marriage was fixed or a newly wed had perished in the incident. Keeping this in mind, we created a story and worked on this album," he added. The album is in three languages, Tulu, Kannada and Hindi. Acharya who is an ad maker, graphic designer and 3D animator, plans to release this album on social media with English sub titles too. About 5,000 still images are used in this album. "In the coming day it will be publicized in social media. You can see it in Facebook and Youtube. We have not done this with commercial interests in mind," he added.

Acharya has done the editing and graphics while the photo shoot was done by Harish. V.J. Vineeth worked as the hero and Nehal Parinitha as heroine. The music is by Nithin Acharya.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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