Childless couples from rural areas too seeking adoption

Those from abroad too want to adopt orphans, special needs kids from India

Khammam: Childless parents even in rural areas are coming forward to adopt the abandoned, surrendered and destitute children by following the provisions under Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA). The entity will soon be renamed Vatsalya by the central government.

The government recently conducted a survey on childless parents in the limits of 26 primary health centres in 22 mandals of this district. The survey identified 2,810 childless parents and many of them said they were interested in adopting orphans.

Meanwhile, the staff of the child and women welfare department conducted an awareness campaign on the legal aspects of adoption. They explained to couples that Indians seeking adoption of orphans irrespective of their religion can apply through the Child Adoption Resource Information and Guidance system by filling up the online application form.

About 120 applications were received by the officials from Khammam for child adoption but there were only five kids for adoption in the district.

It is noted that there are occasions when childless couples face legal troubles after adopting kids informally from poor parents. The poor often gave away their kids due to gender partiality or poverty. Cases have been filed against such couples. A childless couple bought a child from a poor couple. It became a big issue and the officials took the child and gave it for adoption to a childless couple in Bangalore.

Under the CARA, the prospective adoptive parents (PAP), who are physically, mentally and emotionally stable, financially capable and who do not have any life-threatening medical conditions are eligible to adopt. The minimum age difference between the child and PAP/s shall not be less than 25 years and if married, the couple should have had at least two years of stable marital relationship.

Apart from Khammam, the applications of childless parents from Spain, Italy, Malta and USA are coming in, seeking adoption of orphans.

Notably, couples from these countries are coming forward with applications to adopt kids that need special attention. Five kids from Khammam district facing cleft palate, sickle cell anemia and other problems have been adopted by parents from these countries.

- About 120 applications for adoption from Khammam.

- There are 2,810 childless parents in the limits of 26 PHCs.

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