Woman cop saves life with CPR as stampede breaks out at Gymkhana grounds

HYDERABAD: Woman Constable Dawa Naveena of Hyderabad City police deputed to Begumpet police station turned saviour to a woman who was left for dead after being crushed in the stampede outside the Gymnkhana cricket stadium on Thursday. Naveena who was deployed at the stadium gates for managing the crowd, gave CPR to the woman and rescued her. The woman has been identified as Ranjitha, house keeping staff at Gymkhana.

Speaking to Deccan Chronicle, Naveena said that she was at the gate from the morning and have seen several women also waiting at the gate for tickets. When the gates opened, people suddenly started charging in and in the process, several of them fell down and received injuries.

While trying to control them, she saw a woman crushed down and people running over her. She rushed to the woman and saw her lying in an unconscious condition. She immediately got down to her knees and tried to wake her up, but there was no response still.

Without any further delay, she started CPR on the woman. Though there was no response, she continued. " There was no movement at all, but I continued CPR with some hope," Naveena said.

It was just god's grace that I saw her and acted immediately and she came back, told Naveena. A 2020 batch recruit Naveena added that this was the first time in her career she was handling such situation, but thanks to the training given to them, she used it today.

"During the training, we were also trained on CPR and other life saving techniques. I am happy that I used them in saving a life today," said Naveena.

After the woman showed some response, she informed about her to Begumpet Inspector P Srinivas Rao, who was also at the spot. He directed Naveena to shift the woman to hospital in his official vehicle.

" She tried speaking something, but could not due to the effect of the stampede. Thanks to the Inspector, we could reach hospital on time and she received medical aid," said Naveena.

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