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Crime, pollution, lack of sanitation add to woes of Gnanapuram locals

Published Sep 23, 2022, 12:02 am IST
Updated Sep 23, 2022, 12:02 am IST

VISAKHAPATNAM: Gnanapuram, a well-known locality in Visakhapatnam dealt with its own ample of civic issues over the years. Prominent ones among the others include the never ending dust pollution and lack of sanitation. Owing to the presence of Visakhapatnam port trust and cremation ground close by, dust pollution has always been on the list of issues faced by the residents. While officials are known to have taken necessary steps to reduce it, it can still be considered a work under progress. Sanitation has been a frequent concern in the area but is known to have been better than before, as said by the locals.

The recent issues troubling the locals are mugging and eve teasing. This has gone to the tune of even hurting individuals to extort money. Locals have attested to seeing such cases in the area more than once.

Gnanapuram hosts a number of schools and colleges. This is being taken advantage of by the local guys to tease. A grocery shop owner of about 50 years said, “There are a few guys running a sweet stall and they tease college girls as they pass by which terrifies them and makes them uncomfortable”.

Another serious issue of the locality is mugging by youth after the late hours of evening. These guys are daring to extort money and valuables using blatant force. A local barber (40) said that a few guys in the recent past have robbed an old man of his money which was about Rs. 1300-1500. Many such cases are being witnessed but no one comes forward to take action due to the terror of getting hurt. The area police confirmed that they received no specific complaints regarding mugging and eve teasing.

A local TDP representative said that due to shutting down of the petrol bunk there, the place has become isolated giving way to muggers and leaving the public in danger. A strict patrolling during the night hours should be mandatory to avoid such cases happening in the future.

Another issue raised by the locals is the need for a pedestrian facility, a foot over bridge. The city’s railway station vicinity leading to platform 8 is seen to be unsafe due to the crowding of students and travellers. The excessive crowding of travellers in the morning hours coinciding the school and college timings is causing a mayhem leading to accidents. Local political representative Madhu Ithi said that the construction of a footover bridge in this area should be a high priority to avoid potential danger.

(The locals are reluctant to give names and photos for security reasons)



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