Waste being burnt near Valiashala aerobic bins

No segregation of waste; Eyewitnesses see corp staff burning garbage.

Thiruvananthapuram: A charred mix of organic and dry waste was lying close to the aerobic bins of Valiashala, as well as in the compound right next to the Erumakuzhy aerobic bin facility. It is corporation workers who burn the waste near Valiashala bins, according to Joy V., a mechanic who runs an autorickshaw repair business close to the bins. “People leave bags of waste around the bins when no one is looking. The workers collect it and burn it. The heap was cleared two or three times, but it continues to pile up after a while,” he says.

Contingent workers have been instructed to separate the waste inside plastic bags left in the vicinity of Chalai bins, according to an official. “It is the shopkeepers nearby who burn waste here, but will look into it whether workers are also doing it,” the official said. The contingent workers who take care of Valiashala bins have been coming 7 am and leaving by 11 am. However, the people who litter come by later. The corporation had issued a press release saying that from September 20 onwards, bins everywhere will be manned all 24 hours. However, additional workers have not yet been assigned to Valiashala bins.

The heap of burnt waste close to Valiashala  aerobic bins. The heap of burnt waste close to Valiashala aerobic bins.

Officials say that once the 24-hour service starts here, the problem of littering would be solved. Meanwhile, the people here are not hopeful about the heap being cleared any time soon. “It will be only by next Attukal pongala that the heap will be cleared. The drainage line along the aerobic bin has been clogged for a month, but no one has bothered to clean it. It will be the same for this,” Joy says.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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