Tattoo kiosks closed in Gokarna to prevent spread of HIV

Authorities say the virus can be transmitted through use of unsterilized needles

Karwar: The district administration of Uttara Kannada has closed tattoo kiosks ahead of Shivaratri in the temple town of Gokarna as a measure to prevent HIV transmission.

Previously, in 2019, the Karnataka State Aids Prevention Society (KSAPS) had sent out a circular to officials to ban tattoo services during festivals, fairs and other public events in the district.

As justification for the ban, KSAPS cited the possibility of HIV transmission when tattoos are performed without sterilizing the needles.

Gokarna is a town by the Arabian Sea that attracts thousands of pilgrims to its historic temple of Shiva during the Shivaratri season. The KSAPS says needle hygiene is often not observed during the peak season.

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