Hyderabad: Man seeks action against Qatar firm

Satish, hailing from Mylaram village in Karimnagar, was working as a farm labourer in his village.

Hyderabad: Vilasagarapu Satish, 30, is not able to walk, stand or relieve himself on his own and is bedridden most of the time. Satish, who belongs to Karimnagar district, suffered a serious injury on his back and fractured his ribs in an accident in Qatar in February 2016 where he was working as a helper.

After the accident his employer Al-Mustal admitted him to hospital but did not pay for his treatment. When he approached the Indian Embassy in Qatar, the company forcibly sent him back to India in January 2017.

After returning home, he is now going from one office to another for help as his finances does not allow him to go for treatment. He filed a complaint with the TS NRI Cell requesting action against the Qatar firm.

Satish, hailing from Mylaram village in Karimnagar, was working as a farm labourer in his village. He is married to Kanakalakshmi and has two kids, Pranay, 10, and Sahitya, 8.

When his son was around six years old he developed severe stomach pain. As he was not well off he had to borrow money for his son’s treatment. A year later, the problem was diagnosed and the boy underwent surgery. This landed Satish in a debt of Rs 10 lakh.

Satish decided to go abroad. He went to Qatar to work for Al-Mustal company for a salary of 1200 Riyals per month. Things went well for one and a half months. After that he was handed over to company named QTA.

“One day while working in the main lift on the third floor there was a jolt. I got stuck between the lift and the wall and suffered injuries on the back and fractured my ribs. I had surgery, and they placed four steel rods in my back which I should carry for a lifetime,” Satish said.

He was admitted to hospital and survived with the help of Indians. After discharge, he approached the Indian embassy in Qatar and complained against his company.

“Coming to know this they forcibly sent me back to India without clearing my salary claims. I also filed a case in a local court. I am now unable to pay for my treatment,” he said. Satish’s wife is now working as a labourer and his children are studying in local government schools.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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