Number of cars increasing, two-wheeler sales come down in Vizag

Visakhapatnam: Owning a vehicle is viewed as a sign of financial wellbeing and individual comfort. The resultant increase in personal mobility has changed the way society functioned before the turn of the century.

Today, urbanisation and vehicle ownership go hand in hand. Curiously, however, a decrease in the sale of two-wheelers is noticed in Vizag, of late, while the number of cars on the road is increasing by the hour.

The Covid-19 pandemic encouraged more people to own vehicles. This helped in a growth in sale of personal vehicles. The Vizag district transport office records for 2020-21 showed 54,999 two-wheelers and 10,969 cars were sold that fiscal.

There was a decrease in two-wheeler sales in 2021-22. In 2022-23, some 49106 two-wheelers were sold while car sales increased to 12,066. During 2023-24, so far, there was a further drop in two-wheeler sales. Till now, 46,515 two-wheelers were sold while the car sales already crossed 12,761.

Deputy transport commissioner Raja Ratnam says, “The sales of two-wheelers had increased in 2020 due to Covid19 –related reduction in public transportation.

But, the demand decreased subsequently due to the availability of public transport in the city. It costs less than personal transport. But it seems that in recent times, women professionals opt more for cars than for two-wheelers.”

Andhra Pradesh state energy conservation mission (APSECM) meanwhile made efforts to promote electric vehicles, but Vizag is not warming up to electronic two-wheelers. In 2020, a webinar conducted on the 'Go Electric' campaign organised with the support of APSECM heard from energy secretary Srikanth Nagulapalli that the state government is setting up charging stations for every 25km on national highways so that use of electric vehicles would increase.

Yet, electronic two-wheeler sales did not pick up, but E-car sales are increasing in Vizag city.

Vizag district transport office records say that in 2021-22, electronic two-wheeler sales were 3,556 and e-Car sales 245. E rickshaw sales were 71. The current year, electronic two-wheeler sales have dropped to 2,667 and E-car sales saw a minor increase to 281. E-rickshaw sales were at a low of 56.

According to industry insiders and experts, the limited charging infrastructure and higher cost of e-vehicles dissuade many to not opt for e-vehicles. Doubts over the range, (the distance one can travel with a single charge) is a discouraging factor for the prospective buyers.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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