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Thiruvananthapuram corporation beautifies footpath, workers dump garbage

Published Oct 19, 2016, 7:10 am IST
Updated Oct 19, 2016, 7:16 am IST
An aerobic bin is planned to be installed nearby.
Corporation staff dump waste by th way side. 	(Photo:  Peethambaran Payyeri)
 Corporation staff dump waste by th way side. (Photo: Peethambaran Payyeri)

Thiruvananthapuram: Corporation workers themselves have been spotted littering a footpath in the city. The path in question, tiled and in good condition otherwise, runs beside the road from Thampanoor to New Theatre. An ugly pile of garbage on this path, dotted with plastic carrybags, is an everyday sight. So is workers dumping the waste here. DC lensman also saw waste being burnt at the spot. One of the workers told this paper that the place began to be treated as a dumpyard after some newspaper agents started dumping plastic carry bags here.

When asked, health standing committee chairperson K. Sreekumar said that there had been complaints earlier too. “This was brought to the attention of the Thampanoor councillor. I will inquire into it,” he said. Corporation workers had been warned not to do it, said Thampanoor councillor M.V. Jayalekshmi. “At the time, they had said that it was easier for the Corporation vehicle to lug the waste from here. Still we had clearly told them not to do it. I will look into it.”


An aerobic bin is planned to be installed nearby. "It will be set up close to the New Theatre complex. it will soon materialise,” said Jayalekshmi. However, this only helps deal with the organic waste. The councillor said that as soon as the kitchen bin survey is completed, it would be clear as to how many houses did not have source-level waste management. In this way, the ones who dumped waste could be identified, she said.

Location: India, Kerala