Islanders restive as terror threat looms

Moves afoot to rehabilitate SI Ameer

KOCHI: Residents of Minicoy in Lakshadweep archipelago are spending sleepless nights with reports that moves are afoot to rehabilitate sub-inspector Ameer Bin Muhammad who led the police atrocities on the islanders on August 25. While this happens, they are also facing a dread of terrorism spectre unleashed by the intelligence agencies egged on by the police who faced the ire for being soft on a child rape accused.

“Terrorism is a ploy that police use to put us on the defensive, and it is an easy one too. Years ago when such an allegation came, the then Member of Parliament Dr P. P. Koya defended the people. But it is unfortunate that the present MP Mohammed Faizal is not doing so. Life ahead is going to be horrible,” said an islander over the phone who did not want to be named.

“Targeting a genuinely nationalist community with allegations of dubious terrorist activities or influence and seeing every islander with an eye of suspicion is something unacceptable.” Since the investigation into the police atrocities is not yet over, the administration is finding it difficult to rehabilitate Mr Mohammed. The administration is yet to concede to a CBI inquiry into the child rape case and a judicial inquiry by a sitting judge into the police atrocities.

They fear that the current probe is for giving a clean chit to the police and the officer and they are not ready to give evidence on police atrocities in their presence. They had conducted a protest march on Monday and launched a campaign to save the girl children on the island, putting the administration on the defensive.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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