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Stress, depression lead to suicides

Published Sep 19, 2016, 4:20 am IST
Updated Sep 19, 2016, 7:14 am IST
Expert says students be given freedom in studies.
Academic stress and loneliness abet students to suicide.
 Academic stress and loneliness abet students to suicide.

Tirupati: Extreme pressure and depression owing to examination stress have emerged as the basic reasons for a number of students committing suicide.

The Madanapalle town in Chittoor district has witnessed three continuous suicides of the students who were below 20 years for the past three days, which shook the society on the present education system as well as the parental behaviour on the part of their kids.


According to psychologists, academic stress and loneliness abet students to suicide, where there must parents regular counsel to their wards.

Akbar Ali, 20, who is studying degree first year committed suicide in his house at Indiranagar in Madanapalle on September 16, due to parents pressure on him, as he was not interested in studies.

Similar to this on September 17 another student Sagar,16, resident of Subhash road in the same town, who was studying Intermediate first year at Jawahar Navodaya Residential school committed suicide in his hostel room.He was also faced lot of pressure from his mother on continuing education.


The third incident took place on Saturday, in which Venugopal,14, a resident of Pyara colony and son of a poor  labour couple studying Class IX in ZP High school in Madanapalle committed suicide due to fear of punishment from his teachers as he did not completed his home work.

The three suicide incident reflects the stress being felt by the deceased due to studies, for which they ended their lives abruptly.

The students especially coming from rural areas, who studied in Telugu medium are not in a position to compete with the students coming from corporate schools which is also one of the reason for the weak students going into depression.


Many students having rural background are facing inferiority as they can't compete with urban based students, who came up from English medium schools.
Pressure from the parents to secure ranks and the over burden of studies in the schools are leading to students suicides.

According to counselling psychologist Dr N.B. Sudhakar Reddy, academic stress leads the students into depression which is the main reason for suicide tendencies in the students.

Ranks mania on the part of the parents is also the prime reason for depression among students who are overburdened which leads to committing suicide, he said.


“Over stress creates hormonal imbalance leading to loneliness, inferiority complex and insecurity feeling among students. Hunger and sleeping pattern will decrease. Recurring of suicidal thoughts will make Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OSD) which will ultimately lead the children to commit suicide. Parents and school teachers should not put much pressure on the child and should give freedom to them in studies according to their limitations. If the parents identify depression of mood in their wards they immediately take preventive measures by consulting experienced psychiatrist or psychologist. By giving medication and counselling the child's behaviour pattern can be corrected," psychologist Dr N.B. Sudhakar Reddy told.


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