Tough to take on KCR on welfare front: Muralidhar Rao

Hyderabad: “It will not be easy to take on KCR on the issue of welfare programmes. He is way ahead than anyone else on this front.”

This was not a BRS leader’s comment but that of senior BJP leader, the party’s in-charge for Madhya Pradesh and former national general secretary P. Muralidhar Rao.

The BJP leader, during an informal chat with reporters at the party headquarters on Friday, also said that mere trotting out of welfare programmes does not ensure victory.

“The only way KCR can be defeated is if the gap between his promises and their implementation is taken to the people. If this cannot be done, he cannot be defeated,” Muralidhar Rao said, adding “ it is meaningless to say KCR cannot be defeated. If the youth of the state, who account for 65 per cent of the people are with you, then it is easy to defeat him.”

On the change in the state party leadership with the BJP bringing in Union minister G. Kishan Reddy to replace Karimnagar MP Bandi Sanjay Kumar as Telangana BJP president, Muralidhar Rao said, “Those who made the change know well why they made the change. It is possible that the party believed Sanjay was not capable of carrying all the party leaders with him. It could also be because elections are approaching and some senior leaders from other parties will be coming to the BJP and there could be similar issues with them too. The possibility of seniors and juniors in the party too could have played a role.”

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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