6 days w/o food, water: How the hell did the cat get atop a Metro pillar?

Rescue staff didn\'t have the equipment to reach the distressed cat

Kochi: A stray cat that spent six days without food and water atop a 40 ft high metro pillar here was rescued after a two-hour operation on Sunday.

Local people who heard the cries of the distressed cat, stuck atop the column at the Vyttila Metro Station, informed staff but they didn't have the equipment to reach it. Finally, the Fire and Rescue Service personnel were called in and they brought it down using a crane at noon Sunday.

Initial efforts to coax the animal to jump onto nets placed below the pillar failed.

Finally, firemen managed to reach the top of the pillar using the crane. The cat jumped and fell into a net held below by some animal lovers.

“It was a very tough job. But we are very happy," said a fireman.

The cat tried to run away from the scene but was caught and taken to a veterinary facility in the neighbourhood.

Metro services were not disrupted during the operation.

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