Novel Ways to Engage Voters Backfire at Times

Hyderabad: In the quest to engage the younger demographic on social media, police leaders are adopting unconventional tactics, but a recent incident involving BRS leaders has ignited outrage.

A viral video captures BRS leaders bathing an elderly man against his will, supposedly in support of Alair MLA Gongidi Sunitha Reddy's campaign. The man can be seen pleading with them to stop, but the leaders persist, pouring water and rubbing soap. Netizens strongly condemned the act, labeling it a cheap and distasteful ploy for votes.

One voter remarked, "If anything, it's doing the opposite of making me vote for them, irrespective of my opinion about the party or its candidate in my constituency." This isn't the first time such attention-grabbing tactics have been used; a video from five years ago and Jubilee Hills MLA Maganti Gopinath's recent sword stunt faced similar backlash.

While unconventional campaign methods are generally accepted, recent stunts have raised voter concerns. As the Telangana Assembly polls approach, people hope political parties avoid controversial and alienating antics.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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