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Experts: We need to buck up on cyber security front

Published Nov 18, 2017, 3:23 am IST
Updated Nov 18, 2017, 3:23 am IST
The Synergia Conclave – Security 360, was inaugurated in the city on Friday.
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Bengaluru: The city has grown phenomenally in terms of technology and industrialisation and it is time to set up a Cyber Center for Excellence here to protect the state, organisation and individuals from deadly cyber attacks, said Gaurav Gupta, principal secretary of IT, BT and Tourism.

The Synergia Conclave – Security 360, was inaugurated in the city on Friday. The conclave is based on the theme ‘Reimagining Security – 360’, where experts from security, intelligence, army, academia, media and other domains from across the world shared their views.


Margaret Alva, who was among the chief guests said, “I am glad that I have been invited to a security conclave, because usually women are not involved in any kind of security aspect discussion. But when there is a security lapse it's the women and children who suffer the most. I have no knowledge on the topic but have come with great interest to learn and gain knowledge.”

Former national security advisor M.K. Narayanan pointed out that 21st century is the age of destruction and the world should be prepared for everything.

Integrating tech
He said, “The conclave is about integrating technology for security. The world is full of uncertainties and it needs to be handled carefully.”

State Chief Secretary Subhash Chandra Khuntia said that a state government cannot handle security issues the way it is handled by the central government. 

He also mentioned that the way the technology was developing it has given the opportunity to think security in different ways. The security situation should be analysed and we should be prepared to handle it.

Cyber 9/11
Along with disruptive innovations, cyber space is seeing a sharp rise in threats and attacks derailing progress each day. 

Former Intelligence Bureau director P.C. Halda said that cyber attacks are carried out by state and non-state actors for various objectives and we should anticipate new types of crimes and learn to tackle it. He lamented that there was a shortage in cyber security personnel and the Union government should look into it immediately, he added. 

“Malware will be waiting for decrypting any information. We should have the data encrypted and also think of Quantum Computer, which has huge processing power,” said Ajay Goel, former managing director for Symantec Corporation, who was part of the panel for Cyber 9/11.

China - Understanding the dragon
NSA member Lt Gen S L Narasimhan has said that China was working towards becoming a strong global military power and is working towards increasing their naval and air fleets,

“They have set three deadlines - By 2020, they should have attained the modernisaton of armed forces, by 2030, the military should be strong to counter any superpower and by 2050, they should be able to win any modern war,” he added.

Vice Admiral Anil Chopra, who also took part in the discussion, said that China is ambitious and in order to a great power they need to be strengthen their navy. 

‘Malware can cripple nations’
Bengaluru: Malware like Wannacry had affected several industries and organisations in various countries, and it shows how cyber threat can bring down an entire nation, said said Shekar Dutta, former Chhattisgarh governor.

“These malware are targeted towards government offices, army base, medical facilities and other important forums. Now, we learnt that another malware called Hidden Cobra was unleashed by North Korea trying to create a sense of emergency. These malwares also copy important data which can be used for ransom,” he warned.

Location: India, Karnataka