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Andhra Pradesh prepares for Ganesh Chaturthi amid soaring prices of festival items

Deccan Chronicle.| Laxmi Pranathi

Published on: September 18, 2023 | Updated on: September 18, 2023
Vinayaka Chavithi (Photo: DC)

Vinayaka Chavithi (Photo: DC)

Visakhapatnam: As Andhra Pradesh gears up to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi on Monday, residents have been blessed with a respite from heavy rains. The weather office in Amaravati has forecast light to moderate rainfall.
There is no indication of any heavy downpour. The  enthusiasm remains high as skilled artisans across the state have erected more than 1,000 pandals (decorative tents) as part of the festivities.
The lead up to the festival has witnessed a significant surge in the prices of fruits and flowers here as also in other parts of the state. By Saturday evening, ahead of the Ganesh Chaturthi, prices soared by 40 to 50 per cent.
The price of flowers also saw a remarkable increase at various markets here. Jasmine and crossandra flowers were being sold at a staggering Rs 700 per kg, while other flowers commanded prices ranging from  Rs 300 to Rs 400 per kg. Flowers normally sold at  Rs 200 or  Rs 250 per kg now fetched prices of Rs 400 to  Rs 500 per kg.
The hike in prices of fruits and flowers has further compounded the expenses associated with the festival. Idol makers had already raised the rates for the six-feet tall Ganesh idols by Rs 5,000 to  Rs 7,000.
As Ganesh Chaturthi approaches, AP remains optimistic about the weather conditions though the worry this time is mainly about the rise in costs of essential festive items.


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