Hyderabad: Overflowing nalas add to mosquito menace

The heavy rains add to the problem by mixing with the sewage and causing the stink to spread.

Hyderabad: The overflowing of drains near Naredmet Crossroads, RK Puram, Kapra, and Yapral has led to the stagnation of water in open plots, creating breeding-grounds for mosquitos. With puddles and pools being formed due to the incessant rains, overflowing drains are only adding to the problem.

Srinivas Rao, a resident of Naredmet Crossroads, says, “Water from the drain is overflowing onto the main road and collecting at an open plot which is meant to be a park. The continuous rains are leading to the mixing of these waters and creating havoc. Fumigation teams come here only once in a month, and that too after several phone calls.”

Colonies near RK Puram, Kapra and Yapral are also facing a similar problem. Priya Iyengar, a resident of SS Enclave at Yapral, says, “Water from open nalas is overflowing into our colony. The heavy rains add to the problem by mixing with the sewage and causing the stink to spread.”

These colonies are having a severe mosquito problem. At least 10 complaints are filed online by residents every week. R. Sridhar, a local resident, says, “I file an online complaint once every three days. I am also following up with the epidemiology wing. We regularly see silt from the drains overflowing onto the roads and open plots and settling there. This is a health hazard, but GHMC officers in Kapra and Yapral aren’t paying attention to it.”

Sanitation workers say that the engineering department is to blame for the poor functioning of the drains. The engineering department, in turn, blames sanitation workers for keeping dustbins close to the drains, causing garbage to enter the drains and block them. Drain pipes at Nerdmet Crossroads, the inlet at Kapra, and the outlet at Yapra are all broken.

Recycling at dump yard raises stench

A foul smell is prominent in Saket, AS Rao Nagar and Kapra due to recycling work at the Jawahar Nagar dump yard during nights.

The smell reaches these areas due to the wind blowing from September to February every year.

Several complaints by residents have gone in vain as the recycling work stops only for a few days for the garbage piling has to be cleared.

A senior GHMC officer explained, “The dumpyard is 4 km away from these colonies but due to the direction of the wind, the smell travels to these areas. We stop the works when the wind movement is strong but the garbage piles up everyday and leaving it unattended will also not help.”

Sorting works are carried out by contract workers and scavengers during the daytime. Even after sorted piles are kept aside, there are works for nighttime also.

Residential colonies have to been complaining regularly. As the stench becomes stronger in September, it is unbearable to walk outside at night.

Mr G.V.S Rao a resident of Saket explained, “During these months, moving out in the colony after 6 pm is not possible.”

“The smell is unbearable. There has to be a solution as the city has expanded but authorities are stating that homes have come closer to dumpyard which can’t be moved. It is just not fair,” Mr Rao further said.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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