Postal staff cheer money order'

Pay parity for transfer beneficiaries too

KOZHIKODE: As per the new government order by the Centre, all postal employees, who held the post of senior accountants and lost seniority and a higher salary package since they opted for a unilateral transfer to their native state, will be given their actual salary, fixed at the time of joining. This would cover even people who retired. More than thousand employees for the past 15 years would be beneficiaries of this order.

The order comes as a relief for many postal employees, who had to sacrifice their promotion as well as salary just because they opted for a unilateral transfer to their native state. Once the order is implemented, all the employees who had been senior accountants and opted to work as junior accountants and with a lower salary scale, would be getting their earlier salary with retrospective effect.

This includes people who have retired, states the order. In the postal account offices, as per the orders of the Finance Ministry, the posts of the Junior Accountant has been restructured in 80:20 and accordingly, 80 per cent of the posts were placed in the cadre of senior accountant and 20 per cent in the junior accountant.

Promotions were made available on the basis of vacancies in the senior accountant cadre. Therefore, any senior accountant for his or transfer from one circle to another, first seeks the reversion to junior accountant cadre at his or her request and gets a transfer.

Once the new order is in place, though the postal employees would not get promoted, their salary scale would not get affected, even if they sought a unilateral transfer to their native state, sacrificing their promotion. The order comes after many discussions and protests by the employee unions across the nation.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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