High energy demand trips 6 thermal units; restored within 4 hours

VIJAYAWADA: Rising temperatures in Andhra Pradesh have led to increased demand for energy, which peaked to 247 million units (MUs) on May 16, the highest in past eight years. The energy demand on this day last year had been 195 MUs on the same day last year.

High demand has led to six units of Vijayawada Thermal Power Station (VTPS) tripping. However, they were synchronised within a record four hours.

AP GENCO managing director K.V.N. Chakradhar Babu congratulated GENCO staff for responding efficiently to this rarest of the rare event of six VTPS units tripping at the same time. He attributed the tripping to a bus fault, when around 1,000 MW of generation got lost suddenly during the peak evening period.

Chakradhar Babu explained that teams of AP TRANSCO and AP GENCO under guidance of special chief secretary (Energy) K. Vijayanand inspected VTPS plant till 2:30 a.m. Power teams handled the event well. Emergency services like hospitals and railways witnessed no interruptions anywhere in the state.

The GENCO MD said, “The present day energy demand is 20 per cent more compared to the demand on the same day last year. GENCO generated record 105.620 million units (5,137 MW) of electricity on May 11, 2023.”

Special chief secretary (Energy) K. Vijayanand said AP GENCO is generating power to its full capacity. Technical issues are being dealt with and rectified promptly to ensure best generation.

He said efforts are being made to make the 800 MW plant at Ibrahimpatnam operational within 10 days. Further, GENCO is establishing 12 hydroelectric units of 80 MW capacity at Polavaram. Its first three units will be synchronised by July 30, 2024. Balance nine units will thereafter be commissioned with an interval of two months for each unit. All 12 units will be commissioned by January 30, 2026, he stated.

Energy minister Peddireddi Ramachandra Reddy appreciated special chief secretary Vijayanand and GENCO MD Chakradhar Babu and their entire staff for synchronising VTPS thermal plants within a record time.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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