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No end to green tinge woes at Hussainsagar

Deccan Chronicle.| Tushar Kaushik

Published on: April 17, 2022 | Updated on: April 17, 2022

Green tinge seen in lake due to the growth of algae, in spite of HMDA claiming that it is carrying out bioremediation works on the lake

Hussainsagar Lake (DC)

Hussainsagar Lake (DC)

Hyderabad: For the second straight year, parts of Hussainsagar have acquired a green tinge due to the growth of algae, in spite of Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) claiming that it is carrying out bioremediation works on the lake.

The civic body keeps trying out different methods to stop algal growth and improve water quality in the lake, and prevent it from emanating foul odour. However, the results have been obnoxious, year after year.

According to an official from HMDA, the planning authority has been continuously carrying out bioremediation and the green tinge can be attributed to the increased summer temperatures.

Bioremediation is used to treat contaminated water, soil and subsurface material by changing environmental conditions to aid growth of microorganisms and degrade target pollutants.

"Bioremediation has been going on continuously. Because of the rise in temperatures, some algal growth will occur only in the corners of the lake, not in the entire lake," pointed out an HMDA official.

However, environmentalist Dr Subba Rao says though the lake gets more polluted during summers, bioremediation is supposed to address it. He said during the peak summer months of April and May, no fresh water flows into the lake. Only sewage flows in. It is high on nitrates and phosphates.

"The bioremediation being done is neither controlling the foul smell nor the formation of algae. It has become a way for the government and the contractor to collect kickbacks and beyond that," Dr Rao said.

Last year, in March, the HMDA decided to use remediation to clean up the lake and invited global tenders for the Rs 10 crore project. However, for the second time, it roped in NACOF India Ltd, a Bengaluru-based firm, to carry out the bioremediation process.

NACOF was given the project earlier too, but the contract was terminated in 2018 after the HMDA claimed that the firm’s work was less than satisfactory. The civic body had spent Rs 2.21 crore on the works last year.

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